Treatments and therapies

My son / grandson / brother / relative / partner / friend has just received a diagnosis of developmental disorder, how can I cure my son / grandson / brother / relative / partner / friend from autism?

Dear User,

When we talk about autism, and in particular about Asperger’s syndrome, we cannot approach this as a disorder, but rather to a characteristic, an actual way of being. Many people with Asperger’s syndrome find, a total liberation in receiving a diagnosis that can identify the sense of inadequacy they felt until that time that could not find an explanation. When we talk about autism we cannot think to a therapy, but a psychoeducational intervention that must last throughout the life.

This intervention has to be crossed and united in the intentions within the family, school, work and professionals. You can download here the current guidelines to find out the best treatments and therapy for you and your loved one.

On the other hand, if you are interested in the point of view of an adult person with Asperger’s syndrome like me, I would advise you to take distance from the idea of autism as an illness and therefore wrong, I would instead try to understand the origin of the discomfort and find ways to make that person feel as comfortable as possible in the way to improve their self-esteem and quality of life.

It is plausible that as a consequence of the continuous misunderstandings, marginalisation, bullying, external factors and negative experiences may damage the mental health and a professional help is needed, but to answer your question: No, you can’t cure a person from their autism. If you were born autistic you are autistic all your life. You can get great results and in many cases also have a satisfying life. Would you be able to cure yourself from your normality disease?