Autism: What I'd like to tell you.


We are neurologically different.

Top tip

My stereotypes are a physical expression of my emotions. Do not castrate them, please try before to understand them. Maybe I’m just trying to tell you that I’m happy to be with you and I care for you.

Autism: What is it?

A biological condition of neurodevelopment with strong genetic correlation, characterised by two main symptomatic behaviours that make difficult for people with autism to have a social interaction. They are:

  • Reduced interests and stereotypes
  • Communication and language

Top tip

Asperger’s syndrome is a form of autism without intellectual disability and significant impairment of language. Asperger’s syndrome has been excluded from the diagnostic manuals and is now diagnosed as autism spectrum disorder. People with Asperger’s syndrome have excellent verbal skills, do not think that their difficulties are less, they can be the right key to help you understand the autism.

Lo spettro autistico

Each person with autism is different from another, every area of the spectrum varies in intensity and qualities of the symptoms, each one has different adaptive abilities, recovery varies from subject to subject. Everyone respond to the same treatment and therapy differently. Each intervention is absolutely individual. You move along the spectrum all your life. In case of severe variants it is always possible to work for a partial recovery, in some cases it is possible to hope for full autonomy.

Top tip

Did you know it? There are people with autism whose symptom does not affect their autonomy and quality of life. They are people with autism and maybe they will never know they are!

How do we differ?

Central coherence: Understanding and identification of meaning and ability to group it according to its context.

Top tip

I focus more on the details than on the context, don’t be vague, if you want me to understand you forget your standards and give me precise information without ever taking anything for granted, please do not omit any detail such as a difficult truth for being polite.

The perception.

Top tip

Sensory aids would really make everything simpler for me. I can learn everything if you express yourself in my language!

Language learning through the word.

Language learning through the association of sense and lack of verbal tools to transpose it into language.

Esecutive functions.

Executive functions. These are the functions that are activated when our mind enters in automatic mode, for example when we run and we don’t think about the action of putting one leg in front the other.

Top tip

We have this automatic mode more developed and this makes it more difficult for us to handle sudden changes. This means that we must be prepared for the changes but we can accept them, changing the program every day can be frustrating, but not if this becomes predictable as a routine.

Theory of mind.

Theory of the mind. The ability to recognise emotions in others and match adequate emotional responses, to interpret non-verbal language and flexibility in understanding abstract sentences.

Top tip

I’m not insensitive. I don’t have filters I don’t know social superstructures, I say everything I think and feel, I can’t distinguish how your mood changes.

My sensoriality: Sight.

My behaviours may depend on a stimulus that I feel and you don’t understand. Strong or intermittent lights can really like me, but they can also annoy me!

Top tip

I feel much more than you! Simple lights could literally blind me.

My sensoriality: Hearing

My behaviours may depend on a stimulus that I feel and you don’t understand. I find difficult filtering sounds, getting too much information at the same time. I may be able to hear noises that you don’t even believe exist.

Top tip

I feel much more than you! Loud noises like ambulances or the roar of a motorcycle are devastating for me.

My sensoriality: Touch.

My behaviours may depend on a stimulus that I feel and you don’t understand. If I don’t hug you, don’t get offended, I like you, but your contact can be too much for me!

Top tip

I feel much more than you! The harmless label of a shirt can really hurt me.

My sensoriality: Taste.

My behaviours may depend on a stimulus that I feel and you don’t understand. Dry foods can hurt my palate, I hate variations in consistency. It bothers me to eat more mixed flavours. I can learn to eat everything, but start with simple things please.

Top tip

I feel much more than you! They are not just simple whims. Everything is too much, some flavours too.

We are neurodivergent.

Now you know how my mind works, I have a lot of potential, but also a lot of difficulties. This does not mean that I am wrong, as I am. I can learn a lot. Don’t try to make me look like you at all costs, but give me the tools to be able to live in your world.