Hanging in the balance

Hanging in the balance is the Erika’s story book. Erika is 30 years old. For 5 years she gave a name to what she always felt she is. She’s not only different. She’s Asperger. She has a lot of ghosts. She made a list of them. Divided between two worlds where she can’t identify herself: autism and neuro-typicalness. She passed her entire life trying to cure herself, her autistic characteristics, her fragile soul, and she finds alone some answers that damaged permanently her ability to be in the world. Erika thought that Asperger could give her back a denied identity but is now aware that no one can hide behind a diagnosis, the fight for living never ends. In conflict with her limits and trying to accept herself, Erika became her own enemy, because it’s herself that makes the world hurt her. In Erika I find something of myself. The fear and the braveness to face the conflicts of everyday, hanging in the balance on the edge of life, trying to find in many things a balance to keep the equilibrium. Good things are made by commitment perseverance and love. Good things are the ones that lasts. Erika deserves only good things.

  • A book by Veronica Catania
  • Music: Candy land © CoCoRosie
  • Art direction in collaboration with: Erika Becerra
  • Filmed by: D.O.O.R.
  • A special thanks to: Erika Becerra, Fabio Moscatelli, Massimo Mastrorillo