The autistic pride day

Autistic Pride day, is an initiative by Aspies for freedom, a solidarity association of people on the autistic spectrum who are fighting for the protection of autism rights and awareness. The official date is June 18th, it is a celebration of neurodiversity and tends to affirm the incredible hidden and unexpressed potential of all people belonging to the conditions of the autistic spectrum. In June, organisations around the world celebrate this day with the aim of persuading the so-called neurotypical non-autistic people, that each individual with or without autism is unique and should be treated as such. According to the Asperger’s movement, many problematic behaviours related to autism are the cause of a bad adaptation to the hostile and poorly prepared surrounding environment on certain characteristics of these people. Reason why, through an awareness-raising work, the long process of accepting diversity would be the fundamental key to achieving human rights for a civil society. We are therefore all people and we should all enjoy the same possibilities. The battle of people with disabilities is the most current revolution to be made.