What Asperger Pride is?

Asperger Pride is a virtual Self Advocacy organisation.

This means it offers services of advocacy and influences the policy for the implementation of laws regarding a specific cause, in this case the autism via web and social media.

It even means to offer support and advice to their users about which are their rights.

Asperger Pride is the first example of Self Advocacy in Italy, and differently from other advocacies it is ran by people in the autistic spectrum condition only.

Asperger Pride has been carrying on his mission for nine years.

Our mission.

Every person with autism has the right of having an independent, serene and informed life, without any kind of discrimination, incomprehension, bullying, isolation and loneliness.

Our vision.

Every person with autism can act naturally without having to hide their neurological characteristics due to the fear of being misunderstood, misjudged, bullied or isolated, due to the expectations that the society for lack of information today put on them.

Our values.

Every individual can aim to take care of themselves and being a support for the others.

Every individual act as an independent engine to represent themselves and disclose a correct information about the autism.

A correct information about the autism is able to influence the society and modify it in the way it become more inclusive and just.